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EXAMPLE Record of Locked Agreement

Agreement Fingerprint: 0fd8ehb7bb33f0c5d73d4ae2c56a27f4h477d7e36864dd59157fc6ca426d17ac


Example Co.


Terms of Service, v1.2

Agreement ID:


Locked Date:

2020-07-14 21:23:37 GMT

Blockchain Transaction Record ID#:

To view this transaction on the blockchain, click the ID# above, or go to, enter the above ID# in the search bar. In the overview section, expand the "Click to see More" area. Under "Input Data", select "UTF-8" in the "View Input As" dropdown. The "Input Data" is the Agreement Fingerprint (hash) located at the top of this document (including the prefix "0x").

When an agreement is locked at Valtt the text of the agreement is fingerprinted and the name, version, and text of the agreement are locked and no longer editable. The Agreement Fingerprint is then stored on the blockchain. The timestamp of the blockchain transaction along with the recorded Agreement Fingerprint of the agreement proves that this exact agreement (included below) has not been altered.

Storing this fingerprint on the blockchain creates a public, unchangeable, anonymous, yet easily verifiable record. The 64 character Agreement Fingerprint is meaningless to anyone who sees it, but when matached with the data contained in this document becomes a verifiable record. Below the agreement in this document is the Agreement Fingerprint Text. In order to accurately fingerprint the agreement, all spaces, quotes, and line breaks are removed. To verify the Agreement Fingerprint, copy the Agreement Fingerprint Text found below the agreement, and paste it in to a reliable online SHA256 hash generator. The outcome should match the Agreement Fingerprint at the top of this document.

Agreement Details
Agreement Fingerprint 0fd8ehb7bb33f0c5d73d4ae2c56a27f4h477d7e36864dd59157fc6ca426d17ac
Name Terms of Service
Version v1.2
ID example
Locked Date 2020-07-14 21:23:37 GMT
Status Locked, Blockchain Recorded

Agreement Text

This is where the actual agreement text appears.

Agreement Fingerprint Text